Harga Motor Piaggio MP3

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Harga Motor Piaggio MP3 here is the average price of the Big City Like: Jakarta, Bandung, Medan, Surabaya, Semarang, Makassar, Denpasar from various stores and authorized Dealers.

Piaggio MP3 Spesification detail

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Piaggio MP3 250 RL 110.000.000

Information Summary
When in the straight and deserted streets, Piaggio MP3 can not be arrested for running fast. His strength was so responsive, so to catch up or even overtaking, not so difficult.

Two wheels in front function was made to run MP3 become very stable, both on the track straight or turn – even in high speed. This Piaggio MP3 was evidenced when the full field passing sharp bend towards the summit. Travel here is very exciting.

In addition no need increasing or lowering legs when stopped, the suspension automatically paralleled motor Piaggio MP3 capable of making motorcycles fell 40 degrees, right and left and at speeds below 23 km / hr. Not to mention the automatic transmission and engine powered by 15hp (125cc) and 23hp (250cc) are able to deliver the driver at a speed of 120 km / hr.