Harga Motor Monstrac MTR 200 X GT / GTX

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Harga Motor Monstrac MTR 200 X GT / GTX here is the average price of the Big City Like: Jakarta, Bandung, Medan, Surabaya, Semarang, Makassar, Denpasar from various stores and authorized Dealers.

Monstrac MTR 200 X GT / GTX Spesification detail

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MTR200X – GT 15.350.000
MTR200X – GTX 19.600.000

Information Summary
The Target market Monstrac GTX 200 is to meet consumer demand for the field of heavy motorcycles and hobbies with great cc, easy to maneuver with a light weight and affordable price without compromising quality.

Type GTX 200 is sold with a design race bike, no lights front – rear (brake) and the mirror, handbar been prepared on the mirror holder and very easy to install lights, can be undertaken at a bike shop in general because Monstrac GTX 200 has a series of cables is similar to Honda.

The engine platform almost the same as the Monstrac GTX 200, distinguishing the number of transmission 5-speed only, but the gear character according to the character close-ratio test driver, front and rear suspension is quite convenient.